Hi, my name is Jim Knox! // welcome to my business

I have been building Websites for over a dozen years. BUT, I no longer do that. I have been doing Facebook Business Pages (formerly called FANPAGES) and getting 'Likes' for my clients for their business pages for three years. My record is about 44,000 likes in 10 days. The average cost for the 'Likes' is about 2 - 3 cents each, plus my labor. I Publish Books and I have a Website for that, Cracks of Time.com have been working with a few authors on their books. I have taken one author from a printed book to a digital copy including making all new graphics, cover and publishing it on Amazon KDP, PLUS building a corresponding Website, and Facebook Business pages for the client.

Now, I am actively working with Digital World Merchant Service company. Go here for more information.

We will even do the HIGHER RISK types of business.

I guess I could be called a THREE Trick Pony. I do three things very well…

I set up POS through Digital World

Digital World offers a valuable alternative for business owners to save money on their credit and debit card processing. Our programs have been tailored to fit each businesses’ special needs, while delivering outstanding customer service, superior rates, and state-of-the-art technology. We have over 15 years of successful business-to-business experience. With our excellent support, our free equipment offer, and our $500 lowest rate guarantee, we offer both honesty and integrity. Digital World combines the most innovative technologies, state of the art equipment, and securities with unbeatable programs to bring all business owners to the most efficient financial decisions. We offer all merchants solutions for their payment needs from convenient mobile applications to dynamic POS systems. If we cannot lower the merchant's processing fees, we will pay you $500! Digital World will place the merchant with one of its partners for credit card processing. 

I Write and Publish Books

This part of my business is young. I have one book on Amazon for one client as of January 2017. I do write but have never published anything for myself, until now. I will have 3 to 5 books of my own published by the end of February 2017. The 'system' that works for writing, publishing and selling a book is;

1. Write the Book
2. Build the Graphics and Covers
3. Proof it and convert it to a Digital Format
4. Publish on Amazon and other platforms
5. Build a Website for the Book
6. Build a Facebook Business page for the Book
7. Link all that together and set up a Marketing Campaign

I DO Facebook

I build Facebook Headers for personal pages and for Facebook Business pages. I link your Website to your Facebook Business page and if you are a writer, to your Amazon Books Accounts. In addition, I can get you "Likes" for Facebook Business page. My present record is 44,000 plus "Likes" in 10 days for less than $900. Most of the clients only need around 5,000 "Likes" and the cost per "Like" is usually around 2 cents to 6 cents per "Like" PLUS my labor to do the campaign. That is usually around $150.

Why "Likes" are necessary. Think about it, if you are looking to buy something or a service and you go to Facebook Business page to 'vet' the purveyor and he has 7 "Likes", what is your impression of them? Not too high, right? THAT is why it is important to use Facebook Business pages properly.

Some… of My Work