My Services

– 'Look What's Happening', LOCAL advertising of LOCAL businesses and Community Events.
– Digital World for Merchant Point of Sale Services
– Graphic Design 
– Social Networking Integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc.)
– Facebook Administration and Ads

Regarding 'Look What's Happening'...

This is my latest and best business. In the digital age, local businesses are losing sales to Amazon and other online purveyors. So, I have a business that puts 32 inch Smart Screen TV's in LOCAL businesses and create a video loop of up to 45 LOCAL retail merchants, authors, non-profits, or other LOCAL business ventures AND I put 15 spots with LOCAL information, events, public awareness notices, etc. It is all about LOCAL. 

Your LOCAL Ad will be on twelve other screens in twelve other businesses and you can get you Ad seen up to 13,000 times in a month. ALL that for $125.00 per month! That is less than a PENNY per Ad spot. I have a special of $100 per month through March, 2018. 

There is NO set up fees, NO contracts, your Ad can be changed twice a month, NO CHARGE for changes of your Ad. You want you ad to be fresh and informative each month.

Regarding Facebook...

I build and administer Facebook Business pages, I get "Likes" and I get "Followers". I build and administer your advertising campaigns, I link your Facebook page to your website and generate organic customers by linking your Facebook articles and images directly to your Website Landing Page and vice versa.

There are fewer cost effective ways to drive traffic to your Website than from Facebook. You will need a Facebook Business page, a few "Likes" and "Followers" (twenty five Followers to qualify for a Custom FB URL) to show you are a viable alternative to your competition. Yes, I DO understand that the "Likes" are not a true reflection on you business or you, but the people EXPECT that a valid business WILL have "Likes", a few thousand "Likes".  My current record is 44,000 Likes in 14 days at a cost of LESS than $600. Shop around, see if anyone can top that! The Average number of "Likes" I get my customers is around 5,000 "Likes" at a cost per like around 2 Cents each plus my labor.

Regarding Publishing...

I am mostly publishing MY books right now, I do have a website, Cracks of Time, where I do help others get their books published.