Meet me... Really? OK!   I have 14 years experience building websites... but I don't do them anymore. I currently reside in Salem Oregon.

I have had clients in nine states and two countries. I am familiar with HTML 5 platformed websites, DotNetNuke, Joomla, WordPress, Bootstrap and using custom CSS. I make most of my own graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator. I am familiar with eCommerce using Paypal, Squareup, WooCommerce and how to implement various other payment gateways.

That was then...

NOW... I do some Facebook work, I do some graphics projects, I do some video work and I publish books on many platforms, especially Amazon.

But my newest project, although I have been certified for a couple years, is helping businesses with the Point of Sale software and equipment. I work with Digital World, we guarantee the lowest rates of the company will give you $500, some restrictions apply, such as some High Risk businesses, but we can still get you set up, including the CBD Oils and such.  For the details on what I can can do, go here.