I am back…

I am back doing websites, publishing books, building Facebook Business pages and still getting Facebook ‘Likes’ for under a three cents each, plus my fee to get them.

I have created a website for the publishing at Cracks of¬†since most authors write in ‘cracks of time’. I know that is how I am doing it, I work on a book when the inspiration hits me, last night about 10 I had an idea for a chapter that has just not flowed well for my liking. I took about an hour to modify and change that chapter and it now flows well.

That is how many of us work.

I had taken about a year off, handling personal problems and issues resulting in the deaths of my parents and also I had my ninth surgery in July. On that note, I am doing a lot better post surgery and am back to walking without much pain.

For the Website business, I am back up to speed, all new stuff, new themes and new features. They look great and function amazingly well.

For the Facebook Business Pages, I tie them into the Websites and I get the new Facebook Business Page  around 3,000 to 5,000 likes in about two weeks. Why?

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