2017 is becoming a bit EXCITING

We are just starting into the second quarter of 2017. Politics aside, this is becoming an exciting year for me. Since my last low back surgery in July of 2016 (Surgery number 9) I have been getting stronger and better at almost everything. My energy level is up, I have changed my diet, I have found a couple herbs that help me and my overall feeling of well-being is a lot higher. My next challenge is to relocate to a house on some acreage and start growing more of my own food.

I am even considering moving to another state. I have been here about 27 years, I have the urge to move and I am really considering it.

In regards to my business ventures, I will still do the websites, the publishing and writing and now I have found a company that I like and respect named Trunited that I am going to promote and use. I will talk more about that later.

I now have 6 authors that I am helping plus my three books so I am getting fired up on that too.

So that is a quick update on me… More coming in the first part of May.