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What my clients say

Over the years Jim has built our websites and always did an outstanding job, In fact we have just commissioned him to build our new one.  He is always leading the pack with his designs.

Sandi Reinke Author @

Jim has built numerous websites for me over the years. All of them have done their job perfectly. He is attentive to my needs and all my websites have exceeded my expectations.

Carol Werelius Exec. Trustee

I am so pleased with Jim’s work, he is always updating and maintaining our websites keeping us on the leading edge of the Internet Technology.

Jay Werelius Exec Trustee@Indicator

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Who am I?

An older single man, dealing with a body that is a victim of medical malfeasance, 7 surgeries to correct the skeletal damage, and 2 surgeries to repair the damage by the drugs prescribed and administered by the quackery and finally, all that is complicated by general aging. That being stated, I am still active and relevant. I am constantly reading and developing new skills and making personal and business improvements daily. My business interest are:

  • 'Look What's Happening' LOCAL Advertising
  • Merchant Services by Digital World (including HIGH RISK businesses)
  • Building Facebook Personal and Business Pages
  • Writing and Publishing Books (New clients welcome)
'Look What's Happening' LOCAL Advertising
Merchant Accounts
Facebook Development
Book Publishing


About JimKnox.ME…

Who am I?

This site is all about Jim Knox, the real me… and a little about the .ME suffix. The '.ME' may become the suffix of choice for personal blogging, like this one. I have numerous business blogs, but this one is all about me and somewhat about '.ME'. For more on me (Jim Knox), check out my Blog on this site, I add to it often.

Some of my interest other than my business; 'Look What's Happening', a LOCAL advertising business, Website Design, Development and Implementation are:

  • Aircraft and Airplanes (there is a difference...)
  • Writing and Publishing (yup. I do both...)
  • Motoring (driving around looking at the area...)
  • Reading (almost every genre...)

Latest news

2017 is becoming a bit EXCITING

We are just starting into the second quarter of 2017. Politics aside, this is becoming an exciting year for me. Since my last low back surgery in July of 2016 (Surgery number 9) I have been getting stronger and better at almost everything. My energy level is up, I have changed my diet, I have […]

A day at the office

Presently, I work out of my home, so my commute is rather short and simple. From the Bedroom to the Bathroom and do my morning duties, then on to the Kitchen for Coffee and a protein drink, then on to my Den where I seriously flog my computer for hours and hours. It is rough […]

I am back…

I am back doing websites, publishing books, building Facebook Business pages and still getting Facebook ‘Likes’ for under a three cents each, plus my fee to get them. I have created a website for the publishing at Cracks of since most authors write in ‘cracks of time’. I know that is how I am doing […]

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